Description of the Process of Mutual Legal Assistance
Procedural Model Documents
  • Model Certification Fee Signature and Exercise  |pdfESP|
  • Model Letter of Request to request a Foreign Judicial Authority and Textual Information  |pdfESP|
  • Model to commission a Consul or diplomatic agent of Colombia Abroad  |pdfESP|
  • Rogatory Note Model  |pdfESP|
  • •Decree No. 2105 of 14 September 1989 Supplementing Legislative Decree No. 1860 of 1989 Concerning Measures to Restore Public Order  |pdfENG|
  • Decree No. 1860 of 18 August 1989 Establishing Measures to Restore Public Order  |pdfENG|
Case Law
There is no information available at this time.
Other Documents of Interest
  • Multilateral and Bilateral Judicial Cooperation Instruments Signed by Colombia  |pdfENG| |pdfFRA| |pdfPOR| |pdfESP|