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The OAS Administrative Tribunal is composed of six judges elected by the General Assembly of the Organization to serve in a strictly personal capacity for terms of six years, with the possibility of being reelected. A judge’s term begins on the first day of January following the judge’s election.
The composition of the Administrative Tribunal reflects the two major legal traditions of the Hemisphere:  the common-law tradition and the civil-law tradition. Each judge must be a national of an OAS member State, but no two members may be nationals of the same member State.   
Judges of the Administrative Tribunal 2020
Michel Bastarache
CanadaDecember 2015 - December 2020
Wilson Vallejo Bazante
Vice President
EcuadorJanuary 2016 - December 2021
Magali Rojas Delgado
PeruJanuary 2017 - December 2022
T. Michael Peay
United States of AmericaJanuary 2018 - December 2023
Israel Campero.jpg
Israel Ramiro Campero Méndez
BoliviaJanuary 2019 - December 2024
Pablo Sandonato de León photo.jpg
Pablo Sandonato de León
UruguayJanuary 2020 - December 2025